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IT in Planning - a local authority perspective

Date: 20/11/2017

IT procurement for planning departments - do's and don'ts. Share your experience and learn from others.

As a key partner to local authorities providing planning and building control guidance, information and services, our mission is to continue to transform planning and building, making the processes easier, more accessible and more efficient. 

With over 90% of planning applications submitted electronically via the Planning Portal, our partnership with LAs has helped to establish the 1APP service as the main channel of submission to all authorities in England and Wales.

In around 85% of cases, your LPA has a 1APP connector that retrieves application information directly into the back-office system. Sometimes that talks to your DMS to index supporting documents and is linked to your corporate payment system too. But often this isn't the case.

We hear the good stories and the bad from you on a regular basis, so we thought, why not provide you a platform to share and learn from each other.

We would therefore ask that your LPA spares just 10-15 minutes to complete our survey by Friday 8th December 2017. Ideally, your planning admin manager or development manager would complete the survey, but anyone can do it, as long as we only get one reply from you.

We understand that even this amount of time may be difficult for you to find, but in return we'll provide you a copy of the report which will give you benchmarking data and lessons learned by your peers. We'll provide you with an e-copy directly to your inbox which you can share within your LPA.

A copy of the questions is attached and the information you provide will be anonymised in the report. You should be aware that we will share the information with our carefully selected sponsor, without whom we would not be able to invest the time in delivering what we are sure will be a highly valuable report for you and other authorities.

Thanks again for your time and ongoing support,

Kind regards,

Scott Alford
Head of Business Development
M: 07771 566 973
Planning Portal


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