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E-bulletin May 2016

Date: 25/5/2016

Breaking News ...

...the government has published the Housing and Planning Act 2016. Brandon Lewis is reported to have said it will kick-start a "national crusade to get one million homes built by 2020". "It truly is an historic moment that will help deliver the homes hard-working people rightly deserve, transforming generation rent into generation buy," >> read the Act

Society Matters

  • President's Piece

""All planners, well this is it, my final blog to you all as your current President of POS in the closing weeks before I hand over the reins to your new President for 2016-17, Anna Rose (Senior Vice President) at our Annual Spring Conference 16th-17th June.What a year it has been, a most exciting rollercoaster for the planning sector and not a moment of fun, challenges and interventions for POS and myself in steering the profession and public sector planning in the most reformist year I can recall.
So, the Housing & Planning Act has finally made it onto the Statute Books, although we .,..." >> read moreStewart Murray, President 2015/16

Spatial Planning Latest

  • The notes of the Society's Spatial Planning & Policy Committee held on 4th March are available online >> read more
  • PAS have prepared some Top tips from neighbourhood planning workshops >> read more

Development Management Latest

  • PAS have prepared an advice note on Planning and shale gas & oil >> read more

Brief Updates

Forthcoming Events

And Finally ...

.... the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies (IFRC) and UN-Habitat (global Shelter Cluster Leader) are seeking experienced planners who can assist in rebuilding affected areas in Ecuador follow the 7.8 magnitude earthquake >> read more


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