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E-bulletin June 2016

Date: 22/6/2016

The members'e-bulltin was issued on 22 June 2016:

Breaking News ...

...Anna Rose, Service Director for Planning and Transport at Milton Keynes Council, has become the new President of the Planning Officers Society.  Anna was elected at the Society's Annual General Meeting held in London on Friday 17th June 2016. Anna is the 20th President of the Society since its formation in 1997.
>> read the news release  
>> read Anna's first blog

Society Matters

  • President's Piece

"In thanking Stewart for his excellent work over the past year my thoughts now turn to the year ahead. My theme for the year is 'Plans and Planners'. This sounds too simple and a little obvious but planning is changing and as a Society of public sector planners we must adapt to retain our relevance.
At the heart of the planning system are plans. Over the years there have been a variety of ways to make plans and today is no different. It is important for POS to support and promote plan-making across the country. These plans will .,..." >> read moreAnna Rose, President 2016/17

Spatial Planning Latest

  • A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People says that local authorities need to ensure their Local Plan gives the necessary priority to older people's housing needs >> read more

Development Management Latest

  • New EIA Regs set out how to request an Environmental Impact Assessment
    screening decision and if necessary, apply for consent to cultivate previously uncultivated land or semi-natural areas, or restructure land features >> read more
  • PAS have prepared a series of 'key principles' for managing the planning process to help with improving productivity and performance >> read more

Brief Updates

  • MPs have pressed the Government to release more information on starter homes, following the passing of the Housing and Planning Act >> read more
  • The HoC Environment audit committee report urges the government to take a more proactive approach to managing flood risk >> read more
  • The most detailed ever satellite maps of England's dark skies have been released by the CPRE >> read more

Forthcoming Events

And Finally ...

... not only is Anna Rose the third woman to become President of the Society she is also the youngest. There's hope for you young planners out there yet!

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