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E-bulletin April 2016

Date: 20/4/2016

The April 2016 E-bulletin:

Breaking News ...

...want to know more about the impact on planning of Britain leaving the EU? Here are a selection of viewpoints on the issue:

  • more than 60 council leaders claim it would have a negative impact on 'almost every area of council work' >> read more
  • what planners could expect in the event of a vote to leave >> read article in Planningmagazine by Jamie Carpenter
  • what are the implications for planning? Read the article in The Planner by Huw Morris
  • what would happen to planning - and the UK - with Brexit? Read the blog by Angus Walker of Bircham Dyson Bell

Society Matters

  • President's Piece

"So planners across the breadth of this green and pleasant land, we enter that strange time of the local government and political cycle with elections on the horizon in early May (and June!) with inevitable changes that brings to our political direction locally. But also, we are right in the middle of that old British protocol period called "purdah" where no promotional planning activity is goes public until elections are well and truly over and we know who are leaders and new members are. So this president's blog may .... >> read moreStewart Murray, President 2015/16

Spatial Planning Latest

  • The government has announced it will consult on the recommendations in the report of theLocal Plans Expert Group until 27 April; POS is formulating its response. You can also make representations direct 
  • PAS have introduced 'Managing the Local Plan' a useful and quick guide for practitioners, councillors and managers covering the key principles.
  • As part of the Society's programme of free workshops for members, POSE's Andrew Wright delivered two workshops on avoiding SoS intervention in local plan making.  His presentation, which reflects the proposals in the current technical consultation, is now available.
  • 17 per cent of councils have not published local plans and 44 per cent have not yet adopted plans >> read more from the LGA
  • DCLG has published its much anticipated consultation paper on the planning regime for its 'Starter Homes' initiative >> read more. POS is formulating its response; the closing date is 18 May. However, The government  suffered a serious setback in the Lords as peers voted through amendments to the housing and planning bill designed to safeguard affordable housing >> read more

Development Management Latest

  • PAS have produced 'Managing the DM process' a quick guide for practitioners, councillors and managers as a prompt to challenge current ways of thinking and to promote useful and constructive conversations.
  • Puzzled about the prospect of alternative providers? >> read more from PAS
  • Ministers have confirmed plans to provide greater flexibility over the deployment of mobile phone infrastructure by modifying the existing planning regime >> read more

Brief Updates

  • More than half of MPs (61%) think that fees for planning applications should increase, according to the results of a new poll >> read more
  • The notes of the latest Land Forum are available. The aim of the Forum is to promote the sustainable use of land; whilst POS used to be represented we now just receive the notes. If anyone is interested in representing the Society on the Forum please inform John Silvester
  • The Cabinet Office Government Property Unit and the LGA have combined to deliver One Public Estate: a trailblazing project allowing councils to apply for up to £500,000 to supportcouncils' property-based initiatives >> read more
  • A Memorandum of Agreement setting out how the parties will work in partnership to implement the Birds and Habitats Directives is proposed between DEFRA and a range of planning and environmental organisations, including POS. Philip Ridley represents the Society on this matter. The final MOA is to be issued soon.
  • An industry-led Sustainable Development Commission has been launched with the aim of creating a 'clear-cut' method of assessing sustainable development >> read more

Forthcoming Events

And Finally ...

.... want to know how to write achievable goals? Why not try If-Then Planning >> read more


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