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Compendium of the President's Blogs 2015

Date: 21/12/2015

 You'll find all of the 2015 President's blog messages in full here in one place:

  • January "I have been watching with interest Jacques Peretti's series on 'The Super Rich and Us' on BBC2.  His analysis shows that the richest 1% are having an increasingly greater share of total wealth and this accumulation of great wealth in a small number of people has ..."
  • February "This has been a challenging and uncertain period for hard pressed policy teams around the country as they strive to achieve adoption of a sound local plan for their areas."
  • March "Being Society President for a year is a real honour and brings with it some very interesting meetings with Government Ministers and Officials. Last week was no exception."
  • April "Over the last six months the priorities of the key political parties have become clearer and this is confirmed in the Manifestos published this week. Like many of you I have been keeping a lookout for references to planning and housing matters which seem to be very topical at the moment."
  • May "After what was heralded as being a nail biting election we have a surprisingly clear-cut outcome. So what does this mean for planning? It is still uncertain as I write this, just one week later, but by the time of our two day Spring Conference in Dorchester it should be much clearer."

DaveEvans_President_web.jpg David Evans, President 2014/15

  • June "I was honoured to inherit the POS presidency last week from a fantastic previous President, David Evans who performed an outstanding role for an exciting year."
  • July "I facilitated the POS Forum which took placwe in Birmingham on Friday 17th July in the amazing premises of Birmingham City University right opposite the forthcoming High Speed 2 station and regeneration site in Curzon Street."
  • August "Hopefully most planners are enjoying, or soon returning from their well-deserved summer break, fully re-charged and ready to confront the new school year and planning challenges ahead with passion, positivism and energy."
  • September "Autumn is upon us with a fresher breeze in the air and storm clouds gathering. Productivity Plans with Devolution and more radical planning reforms are about to go live as ..."
  • October "As anticipated, the hard labour and frantic planning activity over the summer months has born fruit with the imminent release of the Government's Housing & Planning Bill (note the inclusion of "planning" in the bill, significantly!), plus ..."
  • November "We celebrated the national Planning Awards (Planning Magazine) this month and the special POS sponsored category of Local Authority Team of the year went jointly to ...."
  • December  "Good tidings to all planners and those working up to and especially over the festive period keeping the vitally important planning and development flag flying."

StewartMurray_Pres_web.jpg Stewart Murray. President 2015/16

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