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Brownfield land registers and permission in principle

Date: 21/12/2017

DCLG has asked POS to remind its members that the statutory deadline for you to publish your brownfield land register is fast-approaching.

DCLG state "East Staffordshire, Halton, Mansfield, and East Devon councils have already published their registers, and you should also ensure that you have published yours before 31 December. DCLG will assess progress in January, and it will be important that published registers contain up-to-date information on brownfield land suitable for housing.

In July we published planning guidance, a data standard, and a template, to support local planning authorities in preparing and publishing their registers, and to ensure registers are published in a consistent and open format which can be aggregated by users of the data.

The brownfield land registers will also be a vehicle for granting permission in principle, a new planning consent route, which will provide early certainty about the location, use, and amount of residential-led development before detailed and often costly development proposals need to be provided.

Also next year it is DCLG's intention to extend the permission in principle policy to enable applications to be made for minor housing-led development. A draft set of regulations has been published by Parliament and authorities are strongly encouraged to read them and begin preparing for its introduction."

If you have any queries please contact DCLG on the address below:


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