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Spatial Planning and Policy Committee

Date: 4/3/2016

Notes of meeting held at LGA House, Smith Square, London 4 March 2016

  • Extract:

1.   Notes of the meetings of 04 December 2015 and matters arising - The accuracy of the notes of the meeting of 04 December 2015 was agreed. There were no matters arising.

2.   Streamlining Local Plan-Making - Emerging Recommendations of the Local Plan Expert Group (LPEG) to Planning Minister Brandon Lewis MP - Catriona Riddell - Catriona informed the meeting of the important contributions that POS had been making to the work of the Local Plan Expert Group (LPEG) - chaired by John Rhodes (Quod). The LPEG Report will shortly be submitted to the Minister. At this stage it was unclear whether the report would be published and whether comments would be invited by DCLG [The report was subsequently published and comments were invited by 27 April 2016].

Catriona advised colleagues that amongst a series of recommendations LPEG would seek in particular to find a faster and more effective way to calculate Objectively Assessed Housing Needs (OAHN), and to reduce the scale of the evidence base required to support local plan preparation.



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