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Spatial Planning and Policy Committee 21 Nov 2014

Date: 21/11/2014

Notes of meeting held at LGA House, Smith Square, London 


1.   Notes of the meeting of 11 July 2014 and matters arising - The accuracy of the notes was agreed and there were no matters arising.

2.   Neighbourhood Planning

A) Roles and how the system is working in practice - Miranda Pearce (DCLG) - Miranda outlined the state of play with regard to neighbourhood planning across local authorities in England. This was a statistical update that followed on from December 2013 when Miranda last provided information on neighbourhood planning to the POS Spatial Planning Network.

Headline statistics (as of November 2014) are: -

  • 61% of lpas contain designated neighbourhood planning areas. There are 1129 designations in total.
  • 29 neighbourhood plans have been 'made'.
  • 35 neighbourhood plans have passed a referendum.
  • 51 neighbourhood plans have passed examination.
  • 97 neighbourhood plans are currently at examination.
  • 148 neighbourhood plans are at pre-submission stage.



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