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Spatial Planning & Policy Committee 200412

Date: 20/4/2012

Spatial Planning & Policy Committee held at the RTPI Offices, London
Date: 20 April 2012
Time: 11.00am

Present: Dave Simpson (Solihull MBC - Chair); Andy Johnson (South Staffordshire Council - Sec/Vice Chair); Andrew Wright (POS Enterprises); Steve Barton (LB Ealing); Alan Gomm (Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC); Alex Yendole (Stafford Borough Council); Don Gobbett (Dorset CC); Dave Carter (Birmingham City Council); Ruth Collins (DCLG); Adam Dodgshon (PAS).

Apologies: John Silvester (John Silvester Assoc), David Feeney (Leeds CC), Catriona Riddell (CRA), Ian Bailey (Tonbridge & Malling), Sue Janota (Surrey CC)

1. Notes of the meeting of 09 Sept 2011 and matters arising - These notes were accepted as a true and correct record and there were no matters arising.

2. NPPF Discussion - DCLG Perspective - The Chair welcomed Ruth Collins to the meeting. Ruth manages a small team of policy planners at DCLG. Ruth summarised the core principles and thinking behind Final NPPF and how Ministers/DCLG had responded to consultation responded on Draft NPPF. The Committee identified a number of discussion points and Ruth responded. 


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