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Spatial Planning & Policy Committee 010711

Date: 1/7/2011


Notes of meeting held at the Council House, Birmingham

Date: 01 July 2011




Dave Simpson

Solihull MBC - Chair

Andy Johnson

South Staffordshire Council - Sec/Vice C

Andrew Wright

POS Enterprises

Dave Carter

Birmingham City Council

Alan Gomm

Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC

Kevin Singleton


Andrew Wright

Stuart Hylton

POS Enterprises

Royal Borough Windsor & Maidenhead

Craig Jordan

Lichfield DC

Alex Yendole

Stafford Borough Council

Apologies for absence: David Feeney (Leeds CC), Roger Lawes (Retired), John Silvester (John Silvester Assoc), Catriona Riddell (CRA), Don Gobbett (Dorset CC), Diane Cooper (Harlow Council), Neil Border (West Sussex), Keith Holland (PINs), Peter Yates (Herefordshire), Andrew Close (DCLG), Sue Janota (Surrey CC), Darren Richards (LB Sutton)

1.    Notes of the meeting of 18 February 2011 and matters arising

These notes were accepted as a true and correct record and there were no matters arising.

2.    Localism Bill Update

Unfortunately Andrew Close had sent his apologies as he was currently involved in servicing the Committee stages of the Bill. However, Andrew has indicated that he will be available to provide a DCLG update at the meeting in September 2011.

The Chair commented that Catriona had circulated POS colleagues with information regarding lobbying efforts with the Lords in respect of the emerging Duty to Co-operate (Clause 95).



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