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Spatial Planning & Policy Committee 30 Nov 12

Date: 30/11/2012

Notes of meeting of the Spatial Planning & Policy Committee held at the Council House, Birmingham 30 Nov 2012

Present: Dave Simpson - Solihull MBC - Chair; Andy Johnson - South Staffordshire Council - Sec/Vice Chair; Diane Cooper - Harlow DC; Ian Weeke - LB Ealing; Don Gobbett - Dorset CC; Catriona Riddell - CRA; David Feeney - Leeds City Council; Adam Dodgshon - PAS; Sue Janota - Surrey CC; Keith Holland - PINS; Claire Bond - Huntingdonshire DC; Nicky Linihan - NLA; Alan Gomm - Kings Lynn & West Norfolk DC; Dave Carter - Birmingham CC.

Apologies: John Silvester (John Silvester Assoc), Andrew Wright (POSe), Richard Schofield (Bassetlaw DC), Steve Barton (LB Ealing), Alex Yendole (Stafford BC)

1.   Notes of the meeting of 14 September 2012 and matters arising

Notes agreed and no matters arising.

2.   Duty to Co-operate (DtC) - Keith Holland (PINs) - Overview and Q&A

The Chair welcomed Keith Holland to the meeting and commented that DtC had been the theme for the July meeting and had attracted significant amount of attention from colleagues.

Keith advised the meeting that PINs has provided input to the Taylor Review regarding Planning Guidance. Likely that DtC will be the No.1 item where the Review will recommend to DCLG that Guidance is very urgent. No.2 will be around viability testing of development.




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