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Spatial Planning & Policy Committee 250414

Date: 25/4/2014

The notes of the meeting held on 25th April 2014 at LGA House, London are now available: click here


1.   Notes of the meeting of 06 December 2013 and matters arising - The accuracy of the notes was agreed and there were no matters arising.

2.   Working out your objectively assessed housing needs (OAN) & calculating your 5 year housing supply - Presentation by Adam Dodgshon (PAS) - introduction to the recently published PAS advice note. Slides circulated previously (shortly after the meeting). Adam outlined some of the challenges.

3.   Accommodating the future housing needs of large metropolitan areas - general discussion - Catriona explained the 'London housing problem'. The statutory status of the Greater London Plan means that the strategic planning context in London is different compared with large metropolitan areas elsewhere in England. The consequence is that the housing requirements of London Boroughs are based on an assessment of urban capacity - approach in former PPS3. This is different to NPPF unconstrained 'meeting objectively assessed housing needs'.


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