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Spatial Planning & Policy Committee 19 July 2013

Date: 19/7/2013

Notes of meeting held at LGA House, Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HZ; 19 July 2013


1.   Notes of the meeting of 19 April 2013 and matters arising: The accuracy of the notes was agreed and there were no matters arising.

2.   Gypsies & Travellers - Current Issues: The Chair welcomed Owen Neill and Tom Bristow, of DCLG, to the meeting. There was a general discussion of the Gypsy & Traveller topic and it was noted that there is a current trend by the Secretary of State to recover appeals. There is a feeling that the Gypsy & Traveller issue is currently causing much anxiety locally, in both development management and plan-making activities of lpas. Catriona commented on the difficulties being caused by the 5 year supply requirement set out in National Policy for Gypsies & Travellers - although it is noted that the Secretary of State appears to be 'rowing back' where proposed pitches are located in Green Belts. A confused picture is evident across the country with geography being the principal reason that determines whether of not it is a major issue within individual lpas.

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