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South West Region

Date: 27/3/2015

Notes of a meeting of the SW Regon held at Bristol & Bath Science Park, Emerson's Green, Bristol


1. Welcome/ Introductions - Hilary Jordan welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Brian Glasson and colleagues from the West of England authorities for organising and hosting the meeting.

2. National POS Update - David Evans and John Silvester gave an update on national POS issues. POS is talking with political parties about post-election planning matters, seeking to influence future change in the planning system and encourage an evolutionary approach to help with transition.

This includes lobbying for national strategic planning; a two-stage local plan system in which housing numbers are agreed and signed off by the inspector before progressing to the more detailed second stage (which would have a lighter-touch examination); and raising concerns about the extent of exemptions from CIL.  A national minimum CIL level has also been suggested.  Other matters discussed have included the role of Green Belt, the previously extended PD rights, and resourcing of planning departments. 

All were also encouraged to attend the President's conference in Dorchester on 18 and 19 June.

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