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South West Region 181013

Date: 18/10/2013

Notes of the POS South West Region meeting held on 18th October 2013 at Cranbrook, Exeter


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Present:           David Evans (West Dorset DC and Weymouth & Portland BC), Richard Cohen (East Devon DC), Alison Hayward (East Devon DC), Andy Wood (Exeter and East Devon Growth Point, Bill Richardson (East Devon DC), Mike Owen (East Devon New Community Partners), Stephen Thorne (Poole BC), Jonathan Smith (West Dorset DC and Weymouth & Portland BC), Jo Witherden (West Dorset DC and Weymouth & Portland BC), Joe Keech (Devon CC), Paul Golding (East Devon DC), Andy England (Cornwall), Marshall Plummer (Cornwall), Tristan Peat (Teignbridge DC), Richard Short (Exeter CC), Linda Renshaw (East Devon DC), Mike Kilmister (Wiltshire), Stephen Hawkins (Wiltshire), Stephen Belli (Dartmoor National Park Authority), Richard Kent (North Somerset), Paul Browning (Somerset CC).  

Apologies:       84 apologies were received from POS members across the south west region.  

Agenda item

Item discussed and action agreed

By whom and when


Introduction - Dr David Evans, Vice President / SW Convenor of the POS and Director of Environment, West Dorset District Council and Weymouth and Portland Borough Council

 DE welcomed all attendees and provided a brief update on POS involvement with central government / ministers as a voice of local government planners.

Thanks to EDDC for hosting the meeting. 2nd meeting to be held at the Younghayes Centre.




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