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South West Region 14 April 2014

Date: 14/4/2014

The notes of the SW Regional Meeting held on 14th April 2014 at Stroud DC are now available: click here

  • Extract:

Introduction and update on proposed changes to POS governance (DE)  DE welcomed everyone and thanked Stroud District Council and Phil Skill for their hospitality. DE will be President of POS this year and, in the absence of further volunteers, HJ will therefore take over as SW Regional Convenor. DE went on to explain changes taking place to the national POS governance:

    • POS is a lean organisation, run almost entirely by volunteers
    • Conduit to regions is important
    • POS is voice of public sector planners, and listened to by government
    • Cabinet meetings are however now attended by 30-40 people and so a tighter board is proposed as the main decision making group
    • Development management and spatial policy subgroups proposed to continue, along with regional structure.
    • Forum meetings to be developed, travelling round country and addressing key issues of interest to all planners
    • 2 smaller forums linking with other sectors also being set up - private sector forum (RICS, RIBA, British Property Foundation) and public sector forum (with LGA, PAS etc)
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