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South East Region

Date: 10/11/2017

St Aldates Town Hall, Oxford 

1. Welcome from Oxford City Council - Patsy Dell, Head of Planning and Regulatory and Mark Jaggard, Planning Policy and Specialist Services Manager presentation

2. DCLG Updates - Simon Gallagher, Director of Planning and Michael Bingham, Head of Planning Strategy, DCLG 

3. Planning Inspectorate update - Processes & Service Improvements, Mark Southgate, Director of Major Casework presentation

4. Spatial Planning for Health - Andre Pinto, Public Health England presentation

5. Informing the public about the Register of Architects - Sandra Ison and Seun Fagbohun, ARB presentation

6. Farming and the rural economy in the south east - Tom Ormesher, National Farmers Union presentation







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