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South East Region 290711

Date: 29/7/2011


Extract of Notes of the Meeting, held at LGA Offices, Westminster Friday 29 July 2011.

1: Apologies: John Byrne, Catriona Riddell, Gary Rhoades-Brown, Ian Brown, Carol Humphrey, Robert Jackson, Lindsay Frost, Christine Lalley, Rod Shaw, Adrian Bishop, John Kilford, Mike Allgrove, Heather Morgan, Keith Holland, Susan Waters, Neil Border, David Payne, Nick Rogers, Linda Rand, Stephen Olivant, Alistair Robson, Bev Hindle, Sean Rendall, Piers Mason, Richard Lemon, Alan Stones, Peter Beckford, Jim Redwood, Andy Barton, Leigh Palmer, Ernest Amoako, James Freeman, Rob Dance, Paul Geehan, Tony Cook , Steve Carvell, Bryan Lyttle, Sarah Ball, Giorgio Framalicco, Sharon Thompson, Chris Kenneford, Jerry Unsworth

2: Present: Stuart Hylton (JSPU), Mike Townsend (Basingstoke), KarolJakupczyk (Epsom & Ewell), Bill Murphy (Isle of Wight), John Slater (Portsmouth). Colin Clarke (Bucks), Sue Janota (Surrey), Chris Cousins (BRE), Bob Duxbury (Cherwell), Keith Nicholson (POSe), Tim Martin (Kent), Lillian Harrison (Kent), Simon Meecham (Arun), Karen Dower (Chichester), Linda Jewell (Fareham), Anthony Masson (Crawley), Max Baker (Bracknell), Katie Bailey (Rushmoor), Peter Sims (Runnymede), David Lamb (Surrey), Anna Cronin (Consultant), Nicky Linihan (Consultant), Thomas James (Tandridge), Graham Stallwood (Windsor & Maidenhead), Miles Thompson (SODC and Vale), Ian Manktelow (Wycombe), Pete Errington (Hampshire), Nick Fenwick (Milton Keynes), Jackie Fox (Milton Keynes)

3. Minutes of 8 April: Agreed.

4. Matters arising: Nicky confirmed that she was still on the lookout for members for her housing regeneration and economic development topic group. Volunteers should contact her at (ACTION: ALL).Scrapping of local authority statutory duties: the meeting was told that the POS response to the consultation could be found on the Society's website.

5. National Planning Policy Framework: We had a wide-ranging discussion of the NPPF, including the following points (in no particular order). 


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