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South East Region 170910

Date: 17/9/2010


Present: Stuart Hylton (Berkshire JSPU), Ian Dunsford (GOSE), Graham Ashworth (New Forest) Gill Gowing (Chiltern), Alastair Nicholson (Wycombe), Mike Langthorne (East Sussex), Tim Barkley (Mid Sussex) Neil Border (West Sussex), James Freeman (Swale), Steve Humphrey (Tonbridge and Malling), Carol Humphrey (Guildford), Pete Errington (Hampshire), John Byrne (Aylesbury Vale), Viv Evans (Hampton Gate Consultants), Karen Dower (Chichester), Nik Antoniou (Arun), Claire Upton-Browne (Portsmouth), Neil Williamson (New Forest), Bob Evans (Tandridge), David Lamb (Surrey), Chris Lamb (Kent Architecture Centre), Russell Reefer (LGA), Richard Lemon (Natural England), Shereen Ansain (Bucks), Chris Kenneford (Bucks), Lindsay Frost (Lewes), Gary Rhoades-Brown (Mole Valley), Anna Cronin, Mark Berry (Epsom and Ewell), Sue Janota, Ian Brown (Canterbury), Steve Carvell (Chichester)

Apologies: Jerry Unsworth, Richard Alderton, Keith Holland, Paul Stimpson, Peter Sims, John Lawrence, Richard Read, Paul Geehan, Andy Barton, Rupert Clubb, Steve Lees, Ted Beresford-Knox, Andy Robertson, Louise Piper, Alistair Robson, Piers Mason, Chris Cousins, Mike Dawson, Vincent Haines, Peter Beckford, Douglas Spinks, Stuart Roberts, John Slater, Bev Hindle, Carol Castle, Claire Tester, Steve Quartermain  

1. Minutes of 18 June: Agreed.

2. Matters arising: Paper on the deregulation of planning from POS submitted to DCLG. No reply from Steve Quartermain on the replacement to NI157.

3. Presentation: Russell Reefer (LGA) Russell is a policy consultant with the Local Government Group. They are currently operating in an environment of constant change. He summarised their policy positions. The Group supports the principle of people power, with the local authorities as the most accountable local bodies, and seeks to unlock local authorities' potential in taking a leading role with their communities. They want to build on the best practice developed by local authorities over many years of community leadership.


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