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Society Annual General Meeting 2010

Date: 25/6/2010

Annual General meeting held on 25th June 2010  at Southport, Lancs.

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of last year's AGM  click here

3. President's Report -  click here

4. Accounts for the year - draft accounts (to be approved by the Board)  click here

5. Publicity Officer & Spokesperson's Report   click here

6. Report of the Chair of POS Enterprises Ltd -  click here

7. Election of Officers for 2010-2011  see note click here

  •   President 
  •  Senior Vice-President 
  •  Junior Vice-President/ Secretary/Treasurer
  •  Publicity Officer & Spokesperson

8. Election of Vice-Presidents Emeritus  see note click here

9. Any Other Business

10. Inauguration of President for 2010-2011 - Acceptance Speech  click here

David Hackforth shakes hands with Stephen Tapper    ST shakes with DH AGM2010.JPG

ST&Banner AGM2010.JPG

Society's 14th President, Stephen Tapper

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