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Minerals & Waste Topic Forum 7 Dec 2011

Date: 7/12/2011


PRESENT: R. Read - Hampshire (Convenor); P. Wilcox - Staffordshire (Secretary); D. Palk - Suffolk; D. Lamb - Surrey; S. Gill - Notinghamshire; L. Harrison - Kent; P. Day - Oxfordshire; J. Martin - GMGU; M. Chant - Northants; L. Wojtulewicz - Leicestershire; R. Leavitt - Essex; R. Murfin - Derbyshire; S. Reading - Devon; C. Gray - CLG; M. Plummer - CLG; I. Selby - Crown Estates; D. Cowell - Marine Management Organisation

1.        Apologies: A. Farrow - Flintshire; R. Boulton - Northants; A. Stones - Surrey; N. Dean - Worcestershire; T. Cook - East Sussex; S. Normington -Wigan; P. Hewitt - Somerset

2.       MASS

Ministers had agreed to retain the managed aggregates supply system and to incorporate into the new National Planning Policy Framework based on Option 3 which had been discussed and agreed at a workshop in March 2011. The next stage was to prepare draft policy wording to be incorporated into the NPPF and draft guidance to accompany the policy wording.

Senior members of the Forum had drafted suggested text for both the policy wording and the guidance and this had been circulated with the agenda together with a note of a meeting held on 29th November between the POS/CLG/MPA. Since the system in the view of the Forum should be based on the preparation of local aggregate assessments by mineral planning authorities Richard Read had tabled an early draft of a note scoping out the contents of a potential assessment.


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