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Date: 8/12/2010


Present:  Richard Read (Chair)  - Hampshire County Council; Neil Hunt  -    Nottinghamshire County Council; Peter Day - Oxfordshire County Council; Paul Wilcox (Secretary) - Staffordshire County Council; Lillian Harrison - Kent County Council; Tony Cook - East Sussex County Council; Lonek Wojtulewicz - Leicestershire County Council; John Martin - GMGU; Mark Plummer - CLG; Lucy Yates - CLG; Roger Wand - CLG.

1.Apologies -  Stewart Redding, Roy Leavitt, Andrew Farrow, Karen Ledger, Paula Hewitt, David Palk, David Lamb and Nick Dean.

2.CLG Liaison - MP reported that the Localism Bill was to be published shortly (it came out on 13th December 2010) and there were a number of things it was likely to include and they were:

  •  abolition of RSs;
  • duty to co-operate (collaboration was likely to be at the forefront);
  • streamlining the local plan process with reduced powers for inspectors to re-write plans;
  • compulsory pre-application consultation for large scale projects ( large scale was yet to be defined );
  • an increase in planning enforcement powers;
  • neighbourhood plans to produced alongside local plans;
  • pre-determination rules were to be scrapped;
  • county council would retain their minerals and waste powers;


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