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London Region 291113

Date: 29/11/2013

  • Extract from the Minutes of the Planning Officers Society London Regional Meeting held on Friday 29th November 2013 at Royal Borough of Kingston

Present: Mike Kiely Chair (Croydon) John Walker (Westminster) Andrew Lambert (Bromley) Annie Hampson (City) Beverley Kuchar (Harrow) Aled Richards (Hounslow) Graham Stallwood (K&C) Roy Thompson (Kingston) David Joyce (Lambeth) John Miller (Lewisham) Colin Smith (Sutton) Tim Cronin (Wandsworth) Alex Williams (TFL) Dominic Curran (London Councils) Martin Hutchings (PAS) Rachel Flowers (GLA) John Lett (GLA) John Allen (Hackney) Tim Cronin (Wandsworth) David Scourfield (Waltham Forest)


Introductions MK thanks RBK for the tour and presentation on the regeneration of the town centre.


Apologies Received from Ed Watson (Camden), Stewart Murray (GLA), John Allen (Hackney), Penelope Tollitt (K&C), Sarah Scannell


Minutes from previous meeting 27.09.2013 @ LB Brent Mike reminded all of the joint POS ALBPO meeting in London next January 24th


A Quality Planning Service: Martin Hutchings PAS Martin presented a new performance framework to demonstrate the planning system is easy for business to engage with. The framework includes indicators on customer satisfaction, Councillor involvement and a continuous improvement strategy. It also focuses on speed and process. The aim was to commence this in January but members felt that was too soon. The initiative was supported and it was agreed Martin would forward his Powerpoint presentation so individual authorities to sign up to the initiative.


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