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London Region

Date: 20/3/2015

Minutes of the Planning Officers Society Meeting held on Friday 20th  March 2015 Hosted by London First at Gerald Eve's Offices, 72 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0AY


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Introductions MK thanked Hugh Bullock of Gerald Eve for hosting the meeting on behalf of London First meeting. 


Apologies Not recorded


Minutes from previous meeting Camden Nothing raised


General issues POS London members were asked to each give a summary of the what they considered to be the main planning issues in London. A general theme emerged centred around the amount of changes brought in by the Government was causing confusion and lack of resources. 


The Green Belt Housing Study London First gave a presentation on The Green Belt "A place for Londoners". London First want to encourage a review of the size and boundaries of Green Belts and for local authorities to adjust their local plans to allow for more growth. Most POS London members did not feel building over green belts was the solution to London's housing crisis. 


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