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Localism Bill Conference 240111

Date: 24/1/2011

Planning Officers will be in the forefront of implementing the wide ranging changes  introduced in the Bill - this early event on the subject allowed planners to learn about the impact of the Bill.

POS joined forces with a team from DCLG led by the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation, to discuss the implications and to answer  questions on the details of the Localism Bill at a one day event in central London on Monday 24 January 2011. Other eminent speakers provided commentary and ideas, including the practical implications of neighbourhood planning and cross boundary strategic working, with a further opportunity for discussion. 

Delegates Delegates at One Great George Street listen to the Minister

Speakers: Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation; Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner DCLG; David Morris, Michelle Banks, Miles Gibson - DCLG; Richard Humphreys QC, No 5 Chambers; Liz peace, BPF; Malcolm Sharp and Catriona Riddell - POS

  • Press Release: click here
  • Introduction by the President

Stephen Tapper Stephen Tapper introduces the Minister

Greg Clark speaks to delegates Greg Clark speaks to delegates

  • Q&A Session with Steve Quartermain, David Morris, Michelle Banks and MIles Gibson; Steve Quartermain's presentation: click here

Steve Quartermain  David Morris, Michelle Banks and Miles Gibson

  • Richard Humphreys QC

Richard Humphrys QC

Malcolm Sharp

Catriona Riddell

Liz Peace

  • Society's initial response to the Bill: click here
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