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Development Management Committee 25 Jan 13

Date: 25/1/2013

  • EXTRACT: Develeopment Management Committee held at the City of London on Friday 25th January 2013

1. Introduction to City Model from Peter Rees explaining planning issues faced by City and how the City is responding and remaining as a world class financial centre. Peter also introduced the afternoon tours.

2. Welcome from Bob Bennett (Chair) and introductions from attendees, with special welcome to young planners.

3. Brief welcome to City of London from Ted Rayment (Asst Director of Devt, City of London). Tours in the afternoon taking in tall buildlings in the east of the City and St Pauls etc. in the west.

4. Mark Southgate (Director of Casework and Plans, PINS) presented a review of PINS guidance consultation responses to date. Low levels of appeal work being experienced and predominantly householder. Only 1% of local decisions are overturned at appeal with 34% overall now allowed (and this has increased slightly as a result of NNPF and presumption in favour of devt (3% shift and emphasis on 5 year housing supply).  New standards to be set around timetables for appeals but will require better co-operation between all parties concerned to achieve these. Will also require parties being focussed on what key issues are for debate at appeal. Inspectors will be able to initiate award of costs (rather than wait for parties to raise).



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