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Development Management Committee 210111

Date: 21/1/2011


Joint Meeting of POS Development Management Committee and A.L.B.P.O. at the Old Town Hall, Stratford London E15, Olympic Delivery Authority


B Bennett (Chair, DMC)  -  Retired Member; Gary Palmer - Solihull MBC; P Watson - Solihull MBC; Andy Johnson - South Staffordshire DC; John Walker - Westminster City Council; M Plummer  - Cornwall Council; S Walters - Cornwall Council; Michael Bell - Tower Hamlets LB; David Williams - Tower Hamlets LB; Carol Straughan - Stockton on Tees BC; Mike Wilmott  - Wiltshire Council; Yvonne Lewis - Southwark LB; Aileen Jones - Ealing LB; Dominic Curran - London Council; J Russell - Planning Advisor; David Potter - Swindon Council; Martin Cowie - Barnet LB; Donna Savage  -         Donna Savage Planning Ltd; Pete Smith - Tower Hamlets LB; Stewart Murray - Barnet LB; Gary Pulan  - Tendring DC; Andrew Tyrrell -                           Colchester BC; Neil Milligan - Merton LB; Phil Courtier - Broadland DC; Rory Macleod - Croydon LB; Frances Wheat  - Camden LB; Karen Fossett -     Sutton LB; Tim Cronin - Wandsworth LB; Aled Richards  - Enfield LB; Catherine Smyth - Hammersmith & Fulham LB; Martin Vink                                   Ashford BC; Viv Evans - Stevenage BC; Les Sturch - Sheffield City Council; Gary Rhoades-Brown -  Mole Valley DC; Emma Williamson -                         GLA; Geof Muggeridge - Three Rivers; Alan Moorhouse - St Albans; David Noble - Watford BC; Zbig Blonski - Lambeth LB; Chris Dale -                         Lambeth LB; Chris Evans - Bromley LB; Robert Angus - Richmond LB; Narinder Lakhan - Kingston Council; Gilian Macinnes - PAS; Mike Kiely  -         Croydon LB; Basia Polnik  - Bracknell Forest BC; Steve Ingram  - Huntingdonshire DC; Derek Yaylor  - Kensington & Chelsea LB; Peter Rose -           Newham LB; Richard Snow - Erewash BC; Joost Van Well - Lewisham LB; Paul Seddon - Lincoln City Council; Ian Whittaker -                                     Norwich City Council; Chris Bugler - Medway Council; Peter Geraghty - Southend BC; Andrew Meddle - Southend BC; Steve Oxenham                         North Norfolk DC; David Scourfaud - Waltham Forest LB; Marilyn Smith - Hounslow LB; Andy Roe -  Lake District NPA; Ted Rayment  -                         City of London; David Stothard - City of London; Stephen Hill - ATLAS; Jeff Upton  - Upton Planning services; John Gunn -                                             Tamworth BC; Sarah Poxon - South Staffordshire DC; Kevin Henson - Islington LB 

Introduction and Apologies

Bob Bennett welcomed members, including ex-presidents of POS, Steve Quartermain and Phil Kirby.

Welcome from Vivienne Ramsey, Head of the DC Planning Decisions Team, Olympic Development Authority (ODA) & Anthony Hollingsworth (ODA), who gave a short introduction to the work of the ODA.

Minutes of meeting held on 24th September at Sheffield

These were noted and agreed.

Matters Arising

Development Management Indicators - Steve Quartermain confirmed that papers had  been tabled to Ministers. No indication of any timescale on publication of any report.

Planning in a Local Context - Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner, CLG gave a presentation on the Coalition Government's proposals for planning. He stated that planning professionals would be at the forefront of planning in a local context. He challenged planners to read the Localism Bill and the explanatory notes to avoid posing questions that can be answered through reading the Bill. The key to understanding the Bill is that it is based on decentralisation - shifting responsibility and power to the local level.

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