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Cabinet 270412

Date: 27/4/2012



Minutes of the meeting held on 3 February and outstanding actions

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed subject to the following amendments to the list of those present:

Philippa Lowe is Vice Convenor of the Development Management Committee

Peter Geraghty is now Senior Vice President, RTPI

Min 12/02.  NIPA subscription.  The NIPA fee should now be paid in the name of Malcolm Sharp as incoming President.

Min 11/93. Meeting with RTPI President.  MH reported that this would hopefully take place during the Bournemouth Conference in May.

Min 11/97.  Quarterly meeting with CLG.  CLG has now suggested that this meeting should take place in June.  Dates awaited from CLG.

Min 12/06.  Access to POS publications via website.  The Board had considered the views expressed at the Cabinet meeting and had now agreed that access to POS publications should be allowed on a wider basis than previously agreed.

Min 12/16.  NPPF event.  Cabinet noted that because of timing difficulties this event had been merged into the Spring Conference as a "stand alone" element on the Friday morning.

Min 12/21.  LEPs.  It had been agreed that the CLG representative would attend a meeting of the Spatial Planning & Policy Committee rather than Cabinet.  It was suggested that Mark Southgate from PINS be invited to attend the July Cabinet meeting.

















Provision and preparation of guidance material

AW suggested that the Society currently had the opportunity and resource (via POSe) to be a major, active player in the production of ongoing advice for its members.

Following discussion Cabinet agreed:

a)    To ascertain how far the LGA have got with their activity in this area and what exactly they are proposing to provide;

b)    To ask members via the website what sort of advice would be useful;

c)    That PG would confirm where the RTPI have reached with their initiatives in this area.









Local Housing Delivery Standards Working Group

Cabinet noted the concerns raised about the work being undertaken on viability by the RICS which was moving forward in a different direction.  MH reported that Sir John Harman's group were going back to the RICS to try and resolve this issue.

Cabinet agreed that MK should write to the RICS expressing the Society's concerns that their work was out of step with the Harman Report and that the Society should not allow its name to be put on any document that, in any way, endorses the RICS work.

Cabinet noted the draft Final Report from the group and the range of issues covered.  MH reported that the draft had been endorsed by the Group with a few amendments, mainly around the strengthening of Section 7 with the aim of launching the report on 22 June.  Cabinet noted that CLG had indicated that Ministerial endorsement was unlikely and that the document would therefore not carry much weight as a material consideration. 










Local Housing Delivery Standards work stream: note on the future of the Code for Sustainable Homes

MH reported that the Working Group had agreed to follow Option 1 in para 4.1.1 of the document (ie. Simplify the Code and merge it with Building Regulations).  JS reported that a new standard ("BREAM Communities") has been developed.

Cabinet thanked ST, NL, MK and SI for their assistance on the work stream.


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