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Cabinet 160911

Date: 16/9/2011



Minutes of the meeting held on 15 July and outstanding actions

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Min 11/45.  LGA Liaison.  The meeting had now taken place and was referred to later in the Publicity Officer's report.

Min 11/51.  Further work with RIBA.  NL and MH still need to have a discussion about this, particularly in the light of the most recently published RIBA report.

Min 11/52. Representation at the Land Forum meeting.  NL reported that the first meeting of the re-convened group had been arranged for the following week and she was unable to attend.  Cabinet were asked to volunteer to attend this important first meeting.

Min 11/53. Meeting of the Climate Change and Energy Forum.  SN reported that a further e-mail was to be sent to forum members about this potential meeting, although responses so far had indicated that they would not be happy to travel to BRE at Watford and would prefer a central London venue.  JS reported that the LGA had now offered to host one meeting of each topic group free of charge subject to room availability and that this might be more acceptable to the Climate Change & Energy forum members.

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