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Cabinet 12 July 2013

Date: 12/7/2013

Minutes of a meeting of the POS Cabinet held on Friday 12 July 2013 at LGA House, Smith Square, London, SW1


  • Present: 19 members, 3 guests
  • Apologies: 17 members
  • Extract:


Local Government Association

Clarissa Corbisiero joined the meeting for this item.  A full note of the discussion is included in Annex A to these minutes. 

Cabinet noted the following:

a)    Urgent to start work on the Society's "Manifesto for Planning".  It was agreed that the Presidential team should start to work on this with JS and that DE would take the lead;

b)    LGA work streams

a.    Strategic planning and infrastructure linked with LEPs and the growth agenda - CR and AR to lead

b.    Fraccing - LW to lead

c.    Duty to co-operate (with good practice examples) - SH to lead

c)    New NSIPs Sounding Board.  PR to be asked to lead for Society and sit on the Board

d)    Judicial Review about design guidance at Huntingdon.  JS to include in the next bulletin and SP&P Committee to review

e)    Consultation coordination role for LGA - POS Board to consider funding the continuation of such a service directly at their next meeting












JS/SP&P Comm



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