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Cabinet 11 Mar 2011

Date: 11/3/2011

EXTRACT of  Minutes of a special meeting of the POS Cabinet held on Friday 11 March 2011 at 41 Botolph Lane, London, EC3R 8DL

Present: Stephen Tapper (ST) President; Malcolm Sharp (MS) Junior Vice President; David Hackforth (DH) Immediate Past President; John Silvester (JS) Publicity Officer & Spokesperson; Jeff Stack (JSt) Client Services Officer; Graham Jones (GJ) Vice President Emeritus; Dave Simpson (DS) Chair, Spatial Planning & Policy Committee; Catriona Riddell (CR) Convenor, Strategic Planning Topic Forum; Nicky Linihan (NL) Convenor, Housing, Regeneration & Economic Development Topic Forum; Don Gobbett (DG) Convenor, Transportation Planning Topic Forum; Stuart Hylton (SH) Convenor, South East Region; Andrew Wright (AW) General Manager, POSe; Linda Durtnal (LD) POS Secretariat.

Apologies: Mike Holmes, Phil Kirby, Geoff Cross, Vincent Haines, David Evans, Mike Kiely, Richard Brown, Andrew Meddle, Paul Watson, Richard Read, Sule Nisancioglu, Karl Roberts, Roger Hargreaves

11/29 Liaison with CLG. ST reported that he, CR and AW had attended a meeting the previous week with Steve Quartermain and Mide Beaumont of CLG to discuss future liaison and working between CLG and the Society.CLG had provided advice on the re-working and approach being taken by the Society to Clause 90 and as a result CR has now amended the draft amendment and the diagram.However, CLG had been less than enthusiastic for POS to produce a guidance note on neighbourhood planning which they felt would be premature at this stage. Cabinet agreed, however, that because of the uncertainty currently being experienced about this in local authorities it would still be helpful if an initial note were produced, even though it would probably need revision further into the process.CR AW

11/30 Draft letter to Secretary of State. Cabinet noted the draft letter from ST which he proposed to send, subject to any amendments being received from Cabinet members. Cabinet agreed that it was important that this should be sent as soon as possible and that any further amendments should be forwarded to ST over the weekend. 

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