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Cabinet 11 January 2011

Date: 11/1/2011


Minutes of a meeting of the POS Cabinet held on Tuesday 11 January 2011 at 41 Botolph Lane, London, EC3R 8DL

Present: Stephen Tapper (ST) - President; Mike Holmes (MH) - Senior Vice President; John Silvester (JS) - Publicity Officer & Spokesperson; Graham Jones (GJ) - Vice President Emeritus; Geoff Cross (GC) - Vice President Emeritus; Dave Simpson (DS) - Chair, Spatial Planning & Policy Committee; Catriona Riddell (CR) - Convenor, Strategic Planning Topic Forum; Nicky Linihan (NL) - Convenor, Housing, Regeneration & Economic Development Topic Forum; Richard Read (RR)  - Convenor, Minerals & Waste Topic Forum; Stuart Hylton (SH) - Convenor, South East Region; Mike Kiely (MK) - Convenor, London Region; Roger Hargreaves (RH) - Director, POSe; Andrew Wright (AW) - General Manager, POSe; Linda Durtnal (LD) - POS Secretariat

Apologies: David Hackforth, Malcolm Sharp, Jeff Stack, Phil Kirby, Paul Watson, Don Gobbett, Vincent Haines, Sule Nisancioglu, David Evans, Andrew Meddle, Karl Roberts 


The Localism Bill

ST thanked Cabinet members for taking time to attend this additional meeting to specifically discuss the drafting of the Society's formal response to the Bill.

Cabinet agreed it was important that the Society's views were published as soon as possible and that these views should be separated into two sections: 

  • a) comments about the wording of the Bill itself
  • b) proposals for the wording of the detailed regulation changes.

ST reported that he had now contacted the Law Society with a view to obtaining legal assistance if required and had received a favourable response. 

It was agreed that there were no major discrepancies between the views of the Society and those of the LGA and the strong lobbying potential of the LGA was also noted. 

ST had already prepared an initial paper "Keylines of Enquiry" which had been handed to the Minister at their meeting last week.  It was agreed that this document should be reviewed by the meeting and that individual members of Cabinet should then be tasked with expanding the individual sections and outlining potential regulation changes.  The revised document could then be provided to all those attending the POS Conference on "Planning and the Localism Bill" on 24 January. 

Each section of the document was then discussed and the task of updating individual sections was agreed as follows: 

  • a) Preamble (including references to referendum issues and that POS may wish to comment on probity proposals later in the process 
  • b) Strategic planning and duty to co-operate 
  • c) Neighbourhood planning (incl neighbourhood development orders and provision of costs) 
  • d) Community Right to Build 
  • e) Enforcement 
  • f) CIL 
  • g) Pre-application engagement 

Cabinet agreed that responses should be co-ordinated via LD because JS was unavailable and the following timetable was agreed to ensure that the document would be available for 24 January: 

Fri 14 Jan

Amended sections to be forwarded by close of play to LD for collation

Mon 17 Jan

LD will forward final draft for comments and technical edit to the small group identified for this purpose

Close of play Wed 19 Jan

Editing group to provide final text for ST to agree and sign off

Thurs 20 Jan

LD will forward to printers for inclusion in delegate packs for localism conference on 24 Jan














a)ST,b) CR, c) AW with NL/DS/ST,

d) MS, e) MK

f) GJ, g) GC













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