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Cabinet 010411

Date: 1/4/2011

EXTRACT of the Minutes of a meeting of the POS Cabinet held on Friday 1 April 2011 at 41 Botolph Lane, London, EC3R 8DL


Stephen Tapper (ST) - President; Mike Holmes (MH)  - Senior Vice President; Malcolm Sharp (MS) - Junior Vice President; David Hackforth (DH)  -   Immediate Past President; John Silvester (JS) - Publicity Officer & Spokesperson; Graham Jones (GJ) - Vice President Emeritus; Catriona Riddell (CR)  - Convenor, Strategic Planning Topic Forum; Nicky Linihan (NL) - Convenor, Housing, Regeneration & Economic Development Topic Forum; Don Gobbett  (DG) - Convenor, Transportation Planning Topic Forum; Richard Brown (RB) - Convenor, Rural & Coastal Planning Topic Forum; Stuart Hylton (SH) - Convenor, South East Region; Mike Kiely (MK) - Convenor, London Region; Karl Roberts (KR) - Director, POSe; Peter Geraghty (PG) - Junior Vice President, RTPI; Andrew Wright (AW) - General Manager, POSe; Linda Durtnal (LD)  - POS Secretariat


Jeff Stack, Phil Kirby, Geoff Cross, Paul Watson, Richard Read, Vincent Haines, Dave Simpson, Sule Nisancioglu, David Evans, Mark Dickens, Andrew Meddle, Roger Hargreaves. 


Minutes of the meetings held on 4 February and 11 March and outstanding actions

The minutes of the two previous meetings were agreed.


Min 10/105c.  Contract sub group to review JSA and LDA contracts.  The group had now met. 


Min 11/13b.  POS Board decisions - charitable status.  As a result of chasing it had been discovered that there was a procedural hold up regarding the processing of the revised Society objectives at Companies House.  This was sorted out and the Society had been granted charitable status on 10 March 2011.


Min 11/19.  Regional Convenor for Yorkshire & Humberside.  In the absence of DS there was no information on the approach David Feeney.
















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