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AGM 2012

Date: 11/5/2012

Held on Friday 11 May 2012 at 12.00pm at The Green House Hotel,  Bournemouth.

 MH welcomes delegates to Bournemouth AGM.jpg Mike Holmes welcomes the AGM delegates to Bournemouth

  • Publicity Officer's Report
  • Report of the Chair of POS Enterprises Ltd
  • Appointment and election of Officers and Directors for 2012/13:
    • President: Malcolm Sharp (Huntingdonshire DC)
    • Senior Vice-President: Mike Kiely (LB Croydon)
    • Junior Vice-President: David Evans (West Dorset DC/Weymouth & Portland BC)
    • Publicity Officer & Spokesperson: John Silvester (Retired/John Silvester Associates Ltd)
    • Client Services Officer: Jeff Stack (Broxbourne DC)

Delegates at the AGM.jpg  

  •  Election of 4 Vice-Presidents Emeritus:
    • Paul Watson (Solihull ccc)
    • Phil Kirby (Broadland DC)
    • Geoff Cross (Retired)
    • Stephen Tapper (LB Enfield)
  • Inauguration of President for 2012/13

MSh receives badge of office from MH.jpg   MH welcomes MSh as Pres.jpg

 Malcolm_Sharp_web.jpg Malcolm Sharp, President 2012/13

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