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POS Enterprises is the delivery arm of the Society, providing support and services direct to planning authorities and other public sector clients

POS Enterprises is the delivery arm of the Society, providing support and services direct to planning authorities and other public sector clients

How can we help you?

POS Enterprises is a planning consultancy with a difference.

As an extension of the Society we share its public sector ethos and its objective of supporting the success and improvement of local government planning.  As a matter of policy we work only for public sector clients.  We provide a tailored service, geared to the particular needs of the client.

Our associates are all former senior local government officers, and understand the sensitivities of working in a political and corporate environment and a performance culture.  They have considerable experience of senior level management, coupled with specialist expertise developed through working directly in support of planning authorities.

For information about how we can assist you, please contact Andrew Wright on 0845 6019 067 or click here for our enquiry form.

The services we offer

We specialise in specialist advisory support, whether in relation to local plan preparation, development management, training, organisational review or one-off services.

Local plan preparation:

  • Critical friend support to prepare a good and sound plan. For details click here
  • Local plan examination training - for details click here
  • Supported learning groups - groups exchange experience and ideas. For details click here

CIL and infrastructure planning:

  • Advisory support to infrastructure planning and developing the CIL charging schedule.  For details click here
  • Development economics training on project appraisal, viability and the CIL.  For details click here
  • Supported learning groups - three groups explore infrastructure planning, developing the CIL schedule and the supporting management machinery.  For details click here

Development Management

  • Organisational review of processes and practices to focus on the most fruitful areas for change. For details click here
  • The development management and localism learning group - bringing practitioners together to share and develop ideas.  For details click here
  • Training for officers and elected members in the principles and practice of development management, and the probity issues which need to be addressed. For details click here

Gypsies and travellers support

  • Training and advisory support in the development of evidence and robust policy.  


  • We provide training for both officers and elected members.  For details of our current offer please click here

Other services

In addition to the specific areas of support listed here, POS Enterprises can assist across the range of planning activity, including design and conservation, climate change policy and development economics.

Confidential services

The experience of our associates as senior local government managers makes them the ideal choice in dealing with confidential matters and situations where a thorough appreciation of the local government environment  is essential.  Examples of such support include:

  • Planning advice to the Competition Commission on the supermarkets inquiry
  • Advice on the adequacy of staff resources for local plan preparation, to assist a staffing review
  • A benchmarking study of development control resources
  • Review of a whole minerals and waste and development control service for a County
  • Support in interviews for senior planning posts
  • Contributing to a review of whether undue influence could have been exercised over a core strategy


For a list of past and current publications click here


To see our client list click here

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