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The Society, formed in 1997, has an impressive track record that includes:

  • Making submissions to House of Commons inquiries
  • Publication of key papers such as QA Toolkit for DC, Policies for Spatial Plans, Planning Policies for Sustainable Building - guidance for LDFs, and LDF Soundness Assessment Toolkit
  • Supported Learning Groups, such as those for LDFs, Area Action Plans, Minerals & Waste Planning, and Responding to Climate Change
  • The Development Management Practice project
  • Regular meetings with Ministers, CLG officials and PINS
  • Preparation of Good Practice Notes, such as Scoping and Screening Environmental Impact Assessments, Planning for Retirement Communities, the Use of Conditions in place of s106 Agreements
  • Position Statements on LDFs, Members and Planning, CIL, and Eco-Towns.

POS is recognised by CLG, LGA, PINS, CABE, PAS, English Heritage and others as an organisation dedicated to excellence in public service provision and a key player in taking forward the planning reform agenda.

We represent over 1800 individual planners working in some 75% of the local authorities and public sector organisations around the country. We can rightly style ourselves as "the credible voice of public sector planning."

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