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Planning Officers Society Rules

The Planning Officers Society is a Lmited Company, Registered in England and Wales No: 6709078;  and also a Charity, Registered Number 1140770; the Registered Office is 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JS.

The Society as a company is governed by its ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. The Society is also obliged to have a MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION.

The PURPOSE OF THE CHARITY is to advance the education the education of the public in planning law, planning policy and public sector planning practice. It fulfils this purpose though a programme of policy and project work, events and education, publication and dissemination of good practice and electronic update bulletins. 

The Society also has RULES which it has to abide by; a full version is available by clicking here.

An extract is included below:


1.     Name of the Society

 1.1           Planning Officers Society

2.     Statement of Objectives

2.1           To act as an advocate for all public sector planning and related services in England; to provide, through research, exchanges of information and best practice, an efficient and effective service delivery.

2.2           To provide assistance and advice to the Local Government Association and to Central Government on planning related matters.

2.3   To promote the planning services within the public sector serving Local Government in England.

2.4           To provide appropriate services and support to the members of the Society and their authorities in furthering planning in the public sector and enhancing service delivery.

2.5           To act as a centre of excellence in   public sector planning matters, for example by the production of advice notes, codes of practice and a network of Committees, Topic Forums and Regional Groups through which information and best practice is shared between public sector planning practitioners.

2.6           To act as a focal point for liaison between other planning professionals and those practising in the public sector and to liaise with the Royal Town Planning Institute and other related professional bodies.

2.7           To improve the standard of planning for the public benefit.

3.     Financial Year

3.1           The financial year shall commence on 1 April

4.     Subscriptions

 4.1           An annual subscription shall be levied for each organisation or member of the Society.  The rate of subscription to be levied will be determined by the  Board of Directors of the Society and shall be payable in advance by 1 April each year. 

4.2           A single 'lifetime' subscription shall be levied for each Retired Member.

4.3           An annual subscription shall be levied for each Associate Member. 


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